There are more and more businesses, from SMBs to large enterprises, adopting Drupal across the world. And that’s not different in Latin America and Brazilian market.
DrupalCon Sao Paulo Business & Strategy track will provide the speakers the opportunity to share their Drupal business with the world!

Have you:

  • Used Drupal in a particular vertical and want to share your findings?
  • Managed interesting Drupal projects?
  • Used a different strategy for building Drupal sites for your organization?

Here is your chance to share your story with Drupal Latin America and world communities. The track will include sessions related to:

  • Case studies of high-profile Drupal projects
  • Best practices in Drupal project and product management, software development, and effective team management
  • Strategies and techniques for adopting Drupal as an enterprise platform
  • Effective migration of legacy systems and solutions to Drupal
  • Pros and cons of open source versus proprietary solutions
  • Tips for helping promote Drupal adoption within your company or organization.

Haven’t you submitted a session yet? Hurry, the close date is this Friday, September 7. For more details, click here.

Here are the links for my sessions at DrupalCon Munich 2012:

Developers, get off the couch and contribute

Selling Drupal to Large Enterprises

My view on Drupal’s future:

The Future of Drupal: Sustaining Effective Growth

My view on that topic

My take on Drupal Myths & Realities:


With the recent development on the almost certain “The Dark Tower movies” production, it’s time I share 3 masterpieces I believe should be considered as part of the movie’s oficial soundtrack:

    Stargazer – Rainbow
    Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
    Given to Fly – Pearl Jam

Needless to say: I’m anxious for this to come out very soon, as I’ve read the book series several years ago. Things look promising – although I would expect a more “Clint Eastwood type of actor” to play Roland Deschain ( Check it out ).

Let’s stay tuned and see how it goes.

iPride and a suicide attempt

Posted: 16/08/2010 in Apple

A little tale of an “Apple iPride”: trying not to become one of them – and how my iPhone keeps trying to kill itself – preventing me to succeed.

As some of you, I’ve also became a Mac fan. Yes – the design, usability and even the performance are better so I got an iPhone, MacBook and iPad.

But that shouldn’t mean- I believe – I should be labeled a Mac guy. I do work with Windows and Linux. And I do see the beauty of what’s going on with others OS. But It’s sad to know that nowadays one could only be labeled either “a Windows” or “a Mac” guy.

Anyway I try to keep my options open – thus avoiding rushing into an Apple Store every time Steve Jobs comes up on stage – see this iPride hilarious cartoon .

But this time (it took me almost 2 months), I had to give up before I expected.

I had this iPhone 3G for exactly one year. I didn’t want to change it so soon (maybe in 2 or 3 years), but strange things started to happen after last Apple Conf in June.

First, it kept “slowing down”. Although I removed all programs, reinstalled the latest OS (and the previous one), debugged memory and CPU consumption, tried blogs recommendations and so on, it just wasn’t fast as it used to be – at all. But I was OK with living with it for another year or so.

Then (as it realized I wouldn’t get a new one so soon ) it just tried to commit suicide. It practically jumped out of my hand last week, diving into the asphalt as if it was a soft mattress.

That is the result. But still fully functional, in some sort of “Apple sadism” : “You can use me, but you will have to keep explaining to everybody what happened to me…Eventually, a piece of glass will cut your ear! “.
Went to the Apple store and guess how much does it cost to fix it? $200.00. Coincidence?
Also went to the market and nothing that would compensate (when compared to buying a new one).

So I couldn’t hold my “iPride” and I just bought another one. Brand new 4 version. Not so fun when compared to the first time I got the iPhone. I guess it ended up being “more of the same”, with just some enhancements. It will do the job for the next 2 years I hope.

Anyway, two things to take away from this (specially if you are a Mac guy):

1 – look for a change, once in a while. It might be worth. If not, you can always go back to the regular coffee.
2 – I’m selling this iPhone. Bids are opened. :)